Advent song for December 20: Happy Christmas, Krista and Mike!

I have a confession to make. Weeks ago, as I was putting this selection of songs together and trying to determine the order, and deciding whether it was ever OK to have two songs for the same person (no!) or two people for the same song (no!), I thought to myself what I will do, though, is put Krista and Mike on the same day so I can write about them together, but I’ll give them a song each.

And then last night I went back through the song list, ready to write this post, and I realised that Mike’s “O Come O Come Emmanuel” is, of course, the same song as Ed’s “Veni Veni Emmanuel” from three days ago.

So instead of doing the same song three days apart, I will refer you back to Ed’s post for Mike’s choice, and here treat you to Krista’s, which is, I think, the happiest song so far, and since Krista might just be the happiest person I know, that is entirely appropriate.

Mike and Krista are our longest-married friends, and if we can do it half as well as them we’ll be delighted. They are one of those couples who exude warmth, and everyone who meets them can’t help but fall in love with them. A few months ago Krista and I were at our friend Kate’s house and Krista was telling us about a job interview she’d had. “They seemed to like me”, she said, and Kate and I looked at each other and laughed, because the idea of anyone’s meeting Krista and not liking her is so ridiculous. She is, they both are, two of the loveliest people you could ever hope to meet, and I feel very lucky to be their friend, because we figured out the other day that the reason we know each other is that my ex boyfriend’s brother’s best friend’s wife’s sister’s husband used to work with Krista, which is the kind of connection that won’t always sustain for years. But this one has, and for that I am super grateful.

Happy Christmas, Krista and Mike!

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