Advent song for December 17: Happy Christmas, Ed!

We sang this at our family carol-singing bash last weekend, but we sang it in English, and without quite as many twiddles. It is a very beautiful piece of music either way, and Ed nominated it because his choir sings it, so I expect he knows the proper version.

Ed is a person who knows the proper versions of things generally. He and his partner Jo are an inspiration to me, because they are so good at being grown-ups. They’ve got a house, and a shed, and even a cat. We went to theirs for Christmas dinner one year, serene in the knowledge that we would get a proper version of Christmas dinner, which we duly did. Coincidentally, we are also going over there tonight for what I have no doubt will be the best-organised party of the season.

And if that all sounds a bit sensible, it isn’t supposed to, because they are also two of the wittiest, sparkiest and most switched-on people I know. Children should have parents like Jo and Ed.

Happy Christmas, Ed! I hope there will be singing later.

One thought on “Advent song for December 17: Happy Christmas, Ed!

  1. ruth morgan

    i love this one; being a nice Jewish girl, it was the only Christmas carol I thought I was allowed to sing, being all about emmanual and not Jesus. Now I don’t really care but I do love the tune. Thanks Ed and thanks Laura

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