Advent song for December 19: Happy Christmas, Niall!

I gave quite a lot of thought to who went where on my advent songs countdown. I wanted to make sure it didn’t look as though the most important people were going last, because they aren’t – it’s sort of half random and half based on how much I like the songs, with a vague effort not to have people who know each other well on consecutive days, in case it gets boring or repetitive.

But it was easy to figure out where to put Niall, because today we have been married for exactly one month. What is the month anniversary? If there isn’t an official one-month-married present, I hereby declare one month the champagne and sausages anniversary.

There’s lots I could say about Niall, but it would be cheesy and naff, so I will just say that he is in every possible way the exact person I want to be married to, even though he picked this song, “if only”, as he put it, “for this magnificently drunken rendering”.

Happy Christmas, Niall! I’ll get the sausages if you get the champagne.