Advent Song for December 18: Coventry Carol (and some Wham!)

I don’t know if this is intrinsically cheerful – the verse about killing babies, at least, probably isn’t – but it’s such a beautiful, haunting carol that I always get a tingle up my spine when I hear it. This version is by the Westminster Cathedral Choir, but there are lots of recordings, from the sublime (this) to the ridiculous (this).

I have a good link, rather than a piece of good news, for you today: this 4K restoration of the Last Christmas video is so crystal-clear that there’s a sort of cognitive dissonance going on, because this was evidently only recorded last week. I know I said no George Michael (sorry Lucy), but this is too good to skip.

2 thoughts on “Advent Song for December 18: Coventry Carol (and some Wham!)

  1. Lucy

    It is glorious! Last Christmas I mean, not the Coventry Carol, which was banned in my house when I was growing up because my mum thought it was too miserable.

    Did you know that the Last Christmas video was the last time George’s naked chin was ever seen in public? That’s one of my favourite bits of Christmas trivia.

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