Advent song for December 6: Snowman

I love Sia. She is almost exactly my age (well, actually she’s much older, but we would have been in the same year at school), she is a fabulous songwriter and performer, and she does exactly as she pleases with utter disregard for other people’s opinions. I would like to be like Sia. This year she has released a Christmas album, so for the first time in Glad All Over advent history here is a song that has only been out for a matter of weeks. The album never hits the heights of Chandelier (if I hadn’t been out drinking svařák and eating halušky at the Prague Christmas market I’d have made some kind of a ceiling-related joke here), but it is likeable and listenable, the way songs are when a brilliant songwriter dashes them off in an hour, and this is my favourite of them all. Veselé Vánoce!