Advent Song for December 2: One More Sleep

This modern-day, less unsettling version of the Last Christmas video where lots of young beautiful people go to the countryside together to throw snowballs, is a little bit annoying, but the song is a gorgeous one and I’ve always loved the sound of Leona Lewis’s voice. A good thing about this year’s theme is that it gives me free rein to include a mixture of modern pop, jazz/crooner standards and carols, so that is what I’ve done, although I think this is probably the newest song on the list.

Talking of modern pop, and women with great voices, today’s bit of good news that you might have missed is Sia sneaking into a supermarket in LA last week and paying for strangers’ shopping by pretending to be a lottery winner called “CiCi” who wanted to share her good fortune. This is both inspired and inspiring. If you could just make one person’s day better, even, why wouldn’t you?

Advent song for December 8: Santa’s Coming For Us

I started writing about Sia as an introduction to this post and something about what I was saying suddenly seemed familiar, so I checked and I have already said everything about Sia last year that I was going to say all over again this year. So take all of that as read, and instead take particular pleasure in this video, which features Kristen Bell as our festive hostess, as well as a panoply of cameos from other recognisable faces. This was a 2017 release and a number one hit in the US and Canada, and it is very dancealongable, so make sure to play it at your Christmas party.

Advent song for December 6: Snowman

I love Sia. She is almost exactly my age (well, actually she’s much older, but we would have been in the same year at school), she is a fabulous songwriter and performer, and she does exactly as she pleases with utter disregard for other people’s opinions. I would like to be like Sia. This year she has released a Christmas album, so for the first time in Glad All Over advent history here is a song that has only been out for a matter of weeks. The album never hits the heights of Chandelier (if I hadn’t been out drinking svařák and eating halušky at the Prague Christmas market I’d have made some kind of a ceiling-related joke here), but it is likeable and listenable, the way songs are when a brilliant songwriter dashes them off in an hour, and this is my favourite of them all. Veselé Vánoce!