Advent song for December 13: Nu tändas tusen juleljus, Sweden

Today’s post is going up a little later than usual, because yesterday was my last day at my old job and now I have a long weekend off before I start the new one, so instead of hurriedly posting from the office I am sitting in my pyjamas in front of the Christmas tree, with a cup of tea and a crumpet, watching a terrible movie about two neighbours in a deadly vendetta over who has the most extravagant Christmas lights. I am enjoying it a lot.

I had a lovely last day at work, and on my way home I was thinking how great my old colleagues were, and how I will miss them, and as I was thinking it I came up the escalator from the tube into London Bridge station, and the Salvation Army brass band were in the concourse playing The First Nowell, and I got ever so slightly tearful (in a good, Richard Curtis sort of a way). And listening to this performance of Nu tändas tusen juleljus, or “Now are lit a thousand Christmas candles” has had the same effect. It’s just so pretty! It was composed in Sweden in 1898 and is a popular carol there, and this is just a lovely video, even though it’s amateur and shaky. Enjoy.

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