Advent song for December 12: The Wexford Carol, Ireland

I could, as the beloved pointed out, have chosen for my Irish carol Once in Royal David’s City, whose words were written by the Irish poet and hymn writer Cecil Alexander (who was, despite what you might assume, a woman, and incidentally don’t you think Cecil is a super-cool name for a girl? I do), also known for All Things Bright and Beautiful and There Is A Green Hill Far Away.

But the Wexford Carol (or Carúl Loch Garman, or Carúl Inis Córthaidh) is more obviously Irish, and is also several hundred years older, having originated in the county for which it is named sometime around the twelfth century – making it, incidentally, one of the oldest carols in Europe and certainly, I think, the oldest on my list.

And it is very beautiful. This is a five-minutes-plus version by the Palestrina choir of St Mary’s in Dublin, so instead of sitting hunched over your screen looking at the not-very-interesting video I suggest you turn up the volume and go and do something else while you listen to it.

One thought on “Advent song for December 12: The Wexford Carol, Ireland

  1. ruth morgan

    I love this carol, though I think the Cambridge Singers do it even better. Thanks for including it – it’s one of my very favourites.

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