Advent song for December 12: Happy Christmas, Wez!

Wez was my boyfriend through most of my twenties. We lived together in a ridiculously gorgeous flat in Crystal Palace and pretended to be grownups, with limited but occasional success. The Halloween party which ended with actual blood all over the floor, the New Year’s Eve dinner party where we all had to stop for a nap halfway through and the lost weekend when we invited everyone over and spent three days watching eighties movies and drinking tequila will always stand out as cherished memories for me.

But the really odd thing about my relationship with Wez is that not only do we still get on, but we never had a falling-out period at all. We just both figured out that we made better friends than girlfriend and boyfriend, and seamlessly made the transition. I don’t know if that’s because I’m really nice or he’s really nice. I suspect it’s both.

So happy Christmas, Wez, and enjoy your song, which I had never heard of before today, but which is now going on my Christmas playlist.