Advent song for December 11 – Happy Christmas, Uncle Paul!

Uncle Paul was not specific in his nomination. He wanted a Muppets Christmas song, but he didn’t say which one. So I’ve gone for this one because it makes me laugh out loud and because I think Paul will like it.

Everyone should have an uncle Paul. All small children need a grown-up who tickles them and teases them and tells them jokes and picks them up and throws them in the air so that they feel MOSTLY safe, but not COMPLETELY safe. When you are small you think that adults are invulnerable, and I still secretly think that about Paul even though life has dealt him a difficult hand over the last couple of years. Anyone who, when they’re having a hard time, can still tell jokes and share laughs and be warm and open and giving towards all of their friends and family, gets applause and admiration from me.

Thank you and happy Christmas, Uncle Paul, to you and yours xxx