Advent song for December 13

This song is kind of dull, at least by Paul McCartney’s standards (no fireworks, no explosions), but the video is like something out of a dream. Not the David Lynch kind that makes some kind of glorious visual sense even if you’re not sure what it means; more the kind you start to tell someone about the next morning before realising as you’re describing it that none of it makes any sense even to you, and it was actually kind of dull.

I like the contrast between the choreographed pipers on the beach and the becardiganned Linda, who looks as though she doesn’t even know she’s on camera and is just out for a walk and a bit of a sing with her family. I assume some of the children in the later scenes are minor McCartneys, but it’s a bit too fuzzy for me to be able to be certain. This was UK Christmas number one in 1977, when those haircuts were considered acceptable.

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