Advent song for December 7

Ah, Cliff. We had a sneaky peek of you yesterday, but here you are in your full glory with the 1990 Christmas number one, Saviour’s Day. One of the versions on YouTube comes accompanied with the warning: “Remember, listen to this while doing something else – it get’s incredibly boring!!”, which I think is unfair as well as illiterate, because this is a classic Cliffmas video, from the massed choir, which I like to imagine is made up of the entire population of whichever Cornish village this was filmed close to, to the unlikely set of dance moves (I use the term loosely) which begin around the 2:30 mark. Enjoy.

(YouTube have prefaced the video with an interminably dull ad, so rather than link to them I’m using a version from elsewhere: if you can’t see the video below just click on the link.)
Cliff Richard – Saviour’s Day

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