Advent song for December 6

Now, you could argue that musically this is the worst of all the versions of this song, and I don’t know that I would disagree. But I like it because there’s no Bono, and because it came out at the height of my period of interest in the charts, so I am intimately familiar with the oeuvre of everyone involved, although I had forgotten just how much Marti Pellow sounds like Vic Reeves singing in the club style.

Kylie looks literally exactly the same here as she does now, which is both cheering and mildly alarming. Speaking of which, this version is also better than the original because it has actual women in it, who are allowed to sing lines of their own rather than being relegated to the chorus. Go, Lisa Stansfield! Go, Sonia! Go, mid-period incarnation of Bananarama!

3 thoughts on “Advent song for December 6

  1. Kate

    I like that you have come up with lots of excellent arguments in favour of Band Aid II when I think we all know its real appeal is Cliff.

    I quite like this version too. I especially like how completely Jason Donovan has completely failed to do a sombre face and is twinkling and grinning as best he can. Also, Jimmy Somerville! Cool!

  2. differentkate

    Yikes, two completelys. This is what comes of being distracted by tiresome work queries while trying to attend to more important matters. Sorry about that.

  3. elsiem

    I honestly wouldn’t have noticed. But yes to Cliff. And the other thing I nearly said and then forgot to was that quite a few of them have inappropriately inane grins throughout. I wonder if Pete Waterman forgot to tell them what they were there for?

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