Here is my real-life version of the photo I posted last week:

terrace view

I think I spent about half the holiday on this terrace. There is something beautiful about waking up and immediately wandering outdoors in a t-shirt and pants to have a sniff at the weather. I think I need to go and live in a hot country where I can do that every morning. I had a balcony at my flat in Bromley, which I loved and spent a lot of time sitting on, even though it was never very warm, because it was open to the elements in winter and shaded by trees in summer:


Now, living in a second-floor flat with no outdoor space, the only significant time I spend outside on a daily basis is during the walk to the tube across Brockwell Park. It’s nice, but it’s not the same thing at all. I need to go and live in a hot country for at least three months of the year.

Soon, I will blog about Cypriot architecture (briefly, I approve) and the Rough Guide To Cyprus (briefly, I do not approve). In the meantime, the rest of the photos are here.