Advent song for December 24

I’ve enjoyed doing this so much, and there are so many songs I had to leave out, that I’m almost tempted just to keep going and make gladallover a 365-day-a-year Christmas music blog.  But by January I’ll be feeling austere and spartan and bloated, so I’ll stick to tradition and bring it to a close today.  I’ve spent quite a lot of time wondering which songs to include, but there was never any real doubt in my mind as to what today’s song would be, because it has my favourite Christmas pop video ever.  There are so many good things about it that I shan’t point them all out, but I would like you to make a particular appreciation of Cliff’s dancing from 2’25” onwards. It’s really quite something.  Also note the fake snow, which is almost as convincing as my own snow (which will no longer be visible if you’re reading this after January 3 2009).

Happy Christmas!