Activity fail

I’ve been at home alone all afternoon and evening, with grand plans to make inroads into the pile of DVDs I’ve amassed over the last few weeks.  They are all things I want to watch, and most of them are things which my regular viewing companion isn’t interested in, limiting the times I can watch them to those when he is, as today, otherwise engaged (at the pub).

So what have I done?  Nothing at all, of course.  I’ve had Alibi on for some of the day, without really paying it any attention, and I’ve got the Big Fat Quiz of the Year on right now but I’m barely watching it.  I’ve read half of two different Miss Marple books, both of which I have read before.  I’ve eaten four slices of toast.

So my question is:  how do I motivate myself to engage in activities which – and here’s the thing – I’m only supposed to be doing for fun in the first place?  Or maybe a better question is: if I can’t, does it matter?  Maybe eating toast and reading bits of books I’ve read before is a valuable way of spending time.  As valuable, anyway, as watching The Fox and the Hound or season 4 of Lost.  That’s probably the answer.