Why has nobody told me about Muji?  I went into House of Fraser at lunchtime looking for a tiny mirror to affix to my monitor at work so I can tell when somebody’s sneaking up behind me, and was directed to the Muji concession on the second floor.  I’d never been into a Muji before so was unprepared for finding myself coveting every single item in there.  It’s not that the things they sell are particularly remarkable (apart from one, which I can’t mention because I bought it for my sister and she might read this), but that all of them – cotton buds, bottle openers, oven gloves – are designed with a stunning eye for style and simplicity.   I wanted one of everything, but I restricted myself to the mirror, the present and a glass which looked nearly the same as the one I broke washing up last week.  But when I win the lottery I am going straight back to Muji and furnishing my house from it.  Or even before I win the lottery, since it’s not very expensive at all.  The mirror was £1.75.  But I am taking account of the current financial situation and forcing myself not to make unnecessary purchases.  Although I might have to go back there the next time I need a toothbrush: their toothbrushes are so beautiful they make me want to cry: