Good gods

I picked up Gods Behaving Badly at the weekend, in a haul which also included various complicated and improving books which I meant to start with.  But I needed something to read in bed a couple of nights ago and GBB somehow made its way to the top of the pile.  I didn’t love it to begin with.  I thought it was – and really, this is something I should have been able to guess in advance – silly.  But the further I get through it, the more I like it.  It is silly, but it’s also charming and clever, and it has a proper story, which at first I thought it mightn’t.  I can tell I’m gripped because I am sneaking little bits of reading time where I normally wouldn’t bother.

Don’t read any further if you consider that any information about the contents of a book constitutes a spoiler, but I am especially enchanted by the entrance to the underworld, which is reached via Angel tube station: you take the escalator all the way down and then keep going.  What fun to take somewhere that’s well-known in real life and turn it into a fictional place that belongs to only you.

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