Advent activity #11

As you will know if we are social media buddies, I am a big fan of made-for-TV Christmas movies. For the last few years I have had Sony Movies Christmas on as a version of background music for most of October, November and December, and more recently Channel 5 have started showing at least two made-for-TV Christmas movies a day, which means you can watch them in – unimaginable luxury – HD. (Although it is fair to say that some made-for-TV Christmas movies look a lot better through the haze of spun sugar that is the SD viewing experience on channel 51.)

What is comforting about made-for-TV Christmas movies is that they are all exactly the same in a way that I don’t need to try to explain because it’s done so perfectly in this Tweet and its replies. And one thing that nearly always happens is a trip to a Christmas tree farm, because that is how you buy Christmas trees in smalltown America, and all made-for-TV Christmas movies are – eventually – set in smalltown America.

So today’s task, if you haven’t already done it, is BUY CHRISTMAS TREE, and to ideally while doing so either have a meet-cute with an old flame you haven’t seen in years, or a comedy accident. (The finest example of the latter is in Deck The Halls, which isn’t a made-for-TV Christmas movie but is lovingly made in their finest tradition, and if you haven’t already seen it this Christmas – I have, twice – you can watch it on Amazon Prime.)

All of which is the perfect introduction to this song, which as a song is only medium, but it’s by Taylor Swift which immediately makes it a 10/10. I think in real life you probably wouldn’t want to visit a Christmas tree farm in the snow, because it would make choosing, felling and transporting your tree much more complicated, but for the purposes of a pop video I endorse it enthusiastically.