Advent song for December 7: Christmas In A Crackhouse

I’m excited about today’s song because it’s the first (as far as I can remember, although ten years is a long time) by people who I know in real life. I think I met Alex in Bejam’s car park in West Wickham in 1992 (that’s where I met most of the people I met in my teens) and I was a bit scared of him because someone told me he was A SINGER IN A BAND. He is still A SINGER IN A BAND (but I’m not scared of him any more), and they tour regularly so should go and see them, but in the meantime you should watch the awesome video to last year’s awesome Christmas single, Christmas In A Crackhouse. I haven’t asked Alex whether it’s a true story, but let’s assume so.

(You can also buy it this year as a limited edition double A-side vinyl single with the punkier version, Me and Curtis, which I might like even better but it doesn’t have as many jingle bells in it.)

But enough about me. What do YOU think?

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