Advent song for December 12: Here We Come A Wassailing

Well, isn’t this lovely? I suddenly ran out of songs yesterday, having gone off a couple of my original selections, so I appealed to the social medias and got a bunch of suggestions back, mostly featuring singer-songwriters I don’t know or don’t know much about, including Kate Rusby, of whom I had never heard but who came separately recommended by THREE different people. She turns out to be one of the best-known contemporary British folk singers there is, so I obviously haven’t been paying attention. And she further turns out to have recorded a whole bunch of Christmas songs, almost all covers rather than her own stuff (though she does write her own stuff), but this is the first track from her first Christmas album (of four) and it’s a lovely version of a well-known song, and I especially like that you can absolutely hear her Yorkshire accent on the chorus.