Advent song for December 9: My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year)

This song made it in, then made it out again on the basis that I don’t really know any songs by Regina Spektor, then made it back in again when I (a) listened to this song (it’s amazing!), (b) listened to some songs by Regina Spektor (she’s amazing!) and (c) had it recommended by Mark, who is both a musician AND Sweeney’s friend so of course he gets to make a pick. (Two, actually, so keep paying attention.)

Regina Spektor, like Sia, is the sort of singer I should like to be. This number is a golden oldie, recorded in 1960 by Peggy Lee and I’m sure by various other artists at various other times. But this version is gorgeous, even though it has helicopter and gunshot sound effects for reasons which I cannot discern. But listen to the backing vocals! Gorgeous. Best served with a glass of mulled wine/ginger and lemon tea (I am still a bit ill) and some friends around a piano.