December 2: Little Drummer Boy

Like me, you’ll be delighted to discover that of all the Beatles, the one who has recorded the largest number of Christmas songs is Ringo. Some of them are good, some of them are not, some of them are awesome, and then there’s this, which I think is actually the best version ever recorded – sorry, Bing and David – of the Little Drummer Boy, because it has SO MUCH DRUMMING. Like, imagine as much drumming as you can, and then double it, and that’s still not as much drumming as this song has. Make sure to listen all the way through, it would be a tragedy to miss the drum solos (yes, multiple), and the key changes (also multiple), and the bagpipes (just the one, although I suppose bagpipes by definition come in the plural).

3 thoughts on “December 2: Little Drummer Boy

    1. Yes, there is something quite inspiring about how happily and relentlessly he has kept doing what he does despite being the fourth most talented Beatle. Although he was also, back in the day, the funniest.

    2. I never actively disliked him, but he was always just there in the background, either banging out his basic rythms on the drums or spouting nonsense when his bandmates weren’t making music.

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