Advent carol for December 1: In Dulce Jubilo

Not the jolly, jaggedy Mike Oldfield rendering but the haunting, unaccompanied vocal version which is the first track on my folks’ possibly-older-than-me vinyl copy of Carols From King’s, and therefore the first official song of Christmas. This is also the record we always used to decorate the tree to, so In Dulce Jubilo will always, for me, be the sound of Dad nearly, but not quite, falling off a ladder in his endeavours to string the lights all the way to the very top of the (ten-foot, trimmed enough to just fit into the front room) tree.


2 thoughts on “Advent carol for December 1: In Dulce Jubilo

  1. Alice Morgan

    Oh wow! I didn’t know this carol by name, but it is ABSOLUTELY the sound of decorating the tree. I can smell the pine needles just listening to it.

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