White Christmas, December 10: David Hasselhoff

I know, but today is David’s birthday – not David Hasselhoff’s, but the actual David, my oldest friend David, with whom I almost certainly used to watch Knight Rider (although I occasionally get my childhood Davids mixed up: I think friend-David was Knight Rider and cousin-David was The Dukes of Hazzard, but I could have it the wrong way round, but I don’t think I do, and anyway it doesn’t matter because David Hasselhoff is certainly called David and from my childhood, so he’s allowed to do David’s birthday song either way).

Happy birthday David! Happy Hoffday, everyone else.

3 thoughts on “White Christmas, December 10: David Hasselhoff

  1. David

    Thank you for this, I do love it. Interesting use of cimbalom (if that’s what it is) in this track, maybe it’s to do with his musical popularity in Eastern Europe?
    Also, his signature is too long, no?

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