White Christmas, December 8: Peggy Lee

Introducing “Crooner Sunday”: after Bing kicked us off last week, here’s a gorgeously lush and louche version by Peggy Lee. I had no idea whether Peggy Lee had recorded a version when I started putting this list together, incidentally, but when a song has been recorded as many times as White Christmas has, you end up finding that most people have done it at some point. Even Bob Dylan, though sadly no recording survives (I have been researching this quite closely; I hope you’re appreciative). So the way to make the list is to make a list of artists you’d like to hear singing White Christmas, and then google it. The list is still fluid, so I am open to requests should you have a particular favourite. Although that Guns’n’Roses version is totally not by Guns’n’Roses, so we’re not having it.