The making of a pop video

“So, are we going to Africa?”

“Nah, we can’t afford that.”

“Oh, OK. How about filming in a studio that’s set up to look like Africa?”

“Nah, we can’t afford that.”

“OK. Well…hey, I’ve got a globe, shall we use that?”

“Good idea. Does anyone know any black people?”

“I know a black maths teacher.”

“Sweet. And I’ve got part of a wooden zebra. Also, I think we should film in a library.”

“Right! And one of us could…maybe…find a book? About…Africa?”

“Dude, you are on fire today. So, I’ll go into a library and find a book about Africa. Twice.”

“Sure. And then let’s all stand on the book, only this time the book should be really big. Like, massive. And then what?”

“I was thinking maybe we could…pile a whole bunch of things on top of each other, then knock them over. You know, because of Africa?”

“Awesome. Let’s film that a few times.”

“Yep, it’s too good to only do once. Hey, Dave, have you finished writing the lyrics yet?”

“Nearly – I got one of those fridge poetry sets and, get this, turned the words upside down and then picked them out at random. I know, pretty cool, right? But I’ve got this line about Kilimanjaro and I want to come up with  a really great simile. What’s a good thing to compare a mountain to?”

“Ooh, tough one. I reckon…another mountain?”

“Brilliant. It’s going to make “Serengeti” scan a bit weirdly, but nobody’ll notice.”

“And then at the end, shall we set everything on fire?”

“You’re a genius. This is going to be the best pop video ever.”

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