A Friday Fillip

So you know when something is super-funny, and you laugh till you cry, and then you go and have another look a day or a week later, and all it does is make you half-smile? And then you try to take yourself by surprise, to sneak up on yourself so that you can recreate your original reaction, but it doesn’t work and you end up feeling a bit dissatisfied?

But! You also know when something makes you laugh the first time you see it, and then you laugh even more each time? Today, we are talking about those things, the ones that are as funny now as they were when they first took you by surprise. Here’s my list, to brighten up my tired and hungover Friday, but I want to know yours too. To make it extra exciting, I am going to count them down in reverse order:

5. The restored Jesus fresco

4. The stuffed lion of Gripsholm’s Castle

3. This collection of autocorrect fails

2. The time that girl accidentally attached a photo of Nic Cage to her job application

1. This:

As a bonus, because it doesn’t make me laugh, exactly, but it does make me very happy indeed, I have also just watched the first Where The Hell Is Matt? video, and now I think you should watch it too:

Happy Friday, internet!


3 thoughts on “A Friday Fillip

  1. ruth morgan

    still laughing at the Marx Brothers; love Matt and I’d like to make that film too. Happy Friday and thank you!

  2. Lara Behr

    On a train this afternoon with Ben and a friend. We got on at Waterloo East sat down in a group of 6 seats where a women was already sitting (train quite busy). She took one look at the boys and promptly gathered up her stuff and moved to another seat really nearby. For some reason the 3 of us found this hilarious, didn’t stop laughing for a couple of stops at least. Was worst for me as her new seat was behind the boys, facing me! Not sure why we all found this so funny, one of those tears down the face trying to stop episodes. A few people nearby even joined in! Anyway, not quite in the category you ask for but thought I’d share! X

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