Advent song for December 20: Black Christmas, USA

It’s a mistake to put a song from the USA so close to a song from Canada, but I slipped up about a week ago and posted the wrong song, and since then my schedule’s gone out of the window and I’ve been making it up as I go along. I’ve also had to ditch the idea of including a song from England because I couldn’t find any good audio or video recordings of the Sheffield carols, which were what I wanted, and I couldn’t work up the enthusiasm to find an alternative. You already know enough English Christmas music anyway, right?

This is yet another song which I can’t tell you much about, even though it only dates from the 1970s. I can’t even tell you who it’s by or when it was written, but it sounds American, and the artist is the Harlem Children’s Chorus, so we can safely assume they are American, at least.

The song was suggested by@shacker and whilst it’s in a different mode from most of the rest of my choices, once I’d heard it I couldn’t not include it. Once you hear it I hope you’ll agree.

One thought on “Advent song for December 20: Black Christmas, USA

  1. I’m loving the advent songs idea! I completely forgot about doing my own until yesterday so I’ve had to shoehorn it all into the last 5 days before Christmas. You’ve chosen some really nice songs so far, I hope you keep it up until the end!

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