Advent song for December 8: Florile Dalbe, Romania

All I have been able to discover about Florile Dalbe (“White flowers”, or more poetically “Flowers of frost”) is that it is a traditional Romanian Christmas song. The internet offers some schmaltzy instrumental settings, some easy listening-style singers doing Ronan Keatingesque versions, some non-Romanian choirs doing fancy schmancy versions, and lots of amateur performances by school choirs and family groups. The one I’ve chosen is from the last category because it sounds so much nicer with a single acoustic guitar than with a stage full of plugged-in instruments. Um, it does sort of start with a close-up shot of the guitarist’s bottom, but I promise it improves after that.

Someone has made a game attempt at some English-language lyrics here, but I suspect it loses something in translation. Or, I don’t know, maybe dropping crockery is a Romanian Christmas tradition. I shall have to visit and find out.