Advent song for December 4: Fum Fum Fum, Catalonia

This is a folk song really, but this version is jazzed up and complicatedly orchestrated. I picked it because it was the best-quality version I could find which was (apparently) performed by people from the place it originates. It is very easy to find US-based choirs singing all of these songs beautifully, but that is not the point. And the US will get its day, soon.

As someone points out in the comments, this sounds like the soundtrack to a Tim Burton film. (As someone else points out, this arrangement is by Juan José Colomer, who has composed scores for quite a lot of films, so its glitziness is less surprising than it might at first seem.)

Charmingly, Wikipedia lists lyrics in English as well as several Catalan and Spanish versions, so you can sing along in whichever language you like best.

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