Advent song for December 22: Happy Christmas, Lucy!

Lucy gave me several songs to choose from, but she will forever be associated in my mind with George Michael, and since we were both supposed to see him sing this year and neither of us did, I have chosen this, which I also know is lots of other people’s favourite Christmas song too. It is an excellent Christmas song, and although you have to sit through an ad to watch it, it’s worth it because the video is even better. It has the best hair – and the most hair – of any video I can think of, not including November Rain.

(Goes off into 9-minute November Rain reverie. God, I love November Rain, about as much as I love Phantom of the Opera, and for most of the same reasons. I still can’t believe we didn’t have it as our wedding song. It’s set at a wedding! And we got married in November!)

<Cough> Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, George Michael. I love George Michael, but not as much as Lucy does. Lucy and I were at university together. We weren’t in the same year or doing the same subject, but we were both subversive leftie troublemakers so we got to know each other anyway, and then we got to like each other because – I hope nobody takes offence at my saying this – not ALL subversive leftie troublemakers have much lightness of heart or sense of the ridiculous, and Lucy had, and has, both, and was, and is, one of the funniest people I know.

(I think I treasure funny above almost anything else, when it comes to my friends. I mean, always assuming they’re not actual murderers or Tories or anything.)

Lucy lives miles away now – or else I do, or else we both do – so I never see her, but we are still in touch and we have a shared history that means a lot to us both (marginally more to her, perhaps, since she is married to a part of it) and I know that if we bumped into each other tomorrow we’d pick up exactly where we left off. I’m not sure where that was, but I’m fairly certain that wine was involved, and I’m almost sure that it would be again. Ah, good times.

Happy Christmas, Lucy!

2 thoughts on “Advent song for December 22: Happy Christmas, Lucy!

  1. Lucy

    What a lovely thing! I’m really touched. You and I (and Christine) were always the best and funniest, and most importantly CHRISTMASSIEST, of all the subversive lefty troublemakers. We really must get together for wine and trouble-making in 2012. I miss that. I don’t miss wine of course – I never give myself long enough – but I miss all the silliness. So glad we’re still in touch, hurrah for the Internet!

    1. elsiem

      Ah, fond memories of Christmas party games in the non-alcoholic common room. I was there in October (as you know) and the non-alcoholic common room is no more, sadly. Perhaps they realised it was the least aptly-named room there’s ever been.

      Yes please to wine and trouble-making in 2012.

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