Advent song for December 15: Happy Christmas, @WantonItalics!

This is the first advent song I’ve done for someone I’ve never met. @WantonItalics, whose real name is (probably) Caitlin, is someone I only know from Twitter, but she is one of my favourite people on Twitter because she is very funny and interesting, but also incredibly kind and interested, which not everyone on Twitter is. She has given me wedding advice and congratulations, and answered questions that have otherwise gone ignored by the twittersphere, and just seems like the all-round nicest person in the world ever. She is also very pretty and a scientist, both of which win her extra points. Her husband, @TalonSword, also seems very nice, and although they look like teenagers, they have just celebrated five years of marriage, so hurray for them.

Happy Christmas, WantonItalics! I have picked one song for you even though you picked a whole album, but it is a SUPER album so anyone who hasn’t heard the whole thing should go and do so here.