Advent calendar for 2011

Forgive my prolonged absence. I’ve been busy getting married, among other things. Also, I always get lazy about blogging in November in the knowledge that when December comes I’ll be posting at least once a day. Yes, it’s time for the annual Gladallover musical advent calendar!

I ran out of good Christmas songs two years ago, so last year I changed the format and did a 24-day countdown of the best Christmas number ones from my lifetime. This year I needed a brand new idea, so a few weeks ago I asked my friends on Twitter and Facebook to nominate their favourite Christmas songs. I got quite a lot more than 24 replies, so I have whittled them down to my 24 favourites (songs, not people), and this year each day’s entry will be a song chosen by someone I know from either Twitter or Facebook, with a note on the song from me and also, to make it more interesting, a bit about the person who nominated it. Some of the people who chose songs are related to me, others I know in real life and some I don’t know at all.  But I promise to be nice about everyone. After all, it’s Christmas.

See you back here on Thursday x