Advent song for December 15

What I like about the video for Bohemian Rhapsody, which reached number one for the second time following Freddie Mercury’s death in November 1991, is that they didn’t fiddle around with it to make it a tribute to him; they just rereleased the original version, which is about as good a tribute as you could hope for. Freddie had frontman swagger and the voice of an angel – two things which should be prerequisites for a singer, but which mainly aren’t – and I could watch him for days.

(In my mind, the first invasion of Iraq and the death of Freddie Mercury are forever linked, despite having (a) happened ten months apart and (b) had differing worldwide significance, because each of them resulted in someone in my class being too upset to come to assembly that day. I can even remember who it was in each case, but perhaps it’s not polite to mention their names here.)