Advent song for December 9

Sometimes, the 1980s seem completely alien, don’t they? Songs like this make me wish I was old enough to have heard them the first time round, so that I’d know whether people were enjoying them ironically, or just enjoying them. Either way, enough people enjoyed this to make it Christmas number one in 1982. Like I said, different times.

4 thoughts on “Advent song for December 9

  1. There was still a lot of easy listening in the charts back then (I feel the phrase ‘like punk never happened’ coming on). But novelty songs always do well at Christmas time – a bit of silliness, schmaltz or fun. I remember loving the Birdie song as a kid at primary school. But by the time of Renee and (fake) Renata I think I’d twigged that the Christmas chart was a bit like the silly season summer chart with Black Lace type cheesy hits. However, the one ‘novelty’ hit I still can’t understand people buying in their millions was that Mr Bl**dy Blobby single. Ugh.

  2. elsiem

    I can at least confirm that Mr Blobby won’t be making an appearance here. The novelty song I liked best at school was the Spitting Image one, which I thought was hilarious.

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