Inspect a gadget

I think I need a new gadget. At the moment, I carry around:

  • A Samsung SGH-F480 phone, which I will happily go on the record as calling a terrible piece of crap, which cuts me off in the middle of phonecalls, has a baffling logic to its predictive text function and randomly switches itself off from time to time, but which has a good camera
  • A 4GB iPod Nano, which I like a lot but which is full
  • A Sansa clip, which has 8GB of space and a memory card slot which allows me to add more, as well as an FM radio and much better sound quality than the iPod, but which doesn’t work with iTunes and isn’t easily managed from my music library

What I want instead of all of those is something which

  • Plays music with iTunes and has at least 16GB of storage
  • Takes photos
  • Goes online
  • Lets me read ebooks and watch movies and TV
  • Makes phonecalls and sends and receives text messages
  • Has a radio

An iPhone is nearly the answer, but I don’t much like iPhones. I don’t mind getting two gadgets, as long as they both work, so maybe I need an Android phone and a separate music player and ebook reader. Would that work? Or maybe I need to make an Android phone work with iTunes, and then I can get a dedicated ebook reader. But is it worth getting an ebook reader now, before the market has settled down? I don’t want to end up with the Betamax of ebook readers.

Also, whatever I get must be small, and pretty.