New year’s resolutions for 2010

I’ve just had a quick look at last year’s resolutions and I have kept all of them except the Guinness one, which was a boring one anyway. So in 2010 I’ll:

  1. Keep doing all of those things (not buying new books will be easier since I got as Christmas  presents all the books  published in 2009 which I wanted to read, so I can start with those)
  2. Get my boiler fixed: it’s been slightly, but not very, broken since I moved into this flat in March 2008.
  3. Go to the cinema more: there’s no excuse for not doing it, and it’s cheaper and more fun than most things.

I feel like there ought to be a harder one on there. Don’t you think? If you can think of a good one, let me know.

Happy new year!

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