New year’s resolutions

In order of priority:

  1. I will start doing a job I like, or at the very least I will begin some training that will equip me to do a job I like.
  2. I will resurrect last year’s resolution to read new books instead of re-reading old ones – by which I mean books which are new to me rather than newly bought, since last year’s other resolution was to stop buying brand new books, and that has worked out very well.  I have joined a library, bought books in charity shops and borrowed them from people with libraries more extensive than mine, and I’ve saved plenty of ££ and read things I wouldn’t otherwise have thought of.
  3. I will drink less wine and more Guinness (my doctor told me it was good for me).
  4. To counteract the effects of the Guinness, I will  go back to some form of organised exercise.  I’ll have a think about that one; it’s too cold to contemplate it today.
  5. I will make tea in the office rather than buying it from the café on the way to work.  The amount I spend on things I could make myself is unforgivable.

I think five is enough.  Happy new year!