Silver linings

  1. We don’t have to lose to Arsenal every week next season
  2. We get to play Charlton
  3. We run no risk of upsetting Derby County’s record of the lowest points tally and earliest relegation from the Premiership since its inception
  4. I don’t have to try and find a pub to watch the final in when I’m on away at the seaside for the bank holiday weekend
  5. The first one again

Bristol City, part two

I realise I was confused when I wrote about conceding goals “at home” before the last game, because as far as I know there’s no away goals rule in the play-offs, which means a 1-0 win tonight would be enough to take us into extra time and penalties.  I was caught out by this the last time we were promoted, when it ended up 3-3 over two legs between Palace and Sunderland but they had scored more away goals and I thought it was all over.  I think I was even about to leave the pub when I realised that the players weren’t leaving the pitch.

But I’d still rather win 2-0, please.  I can’t bear penalties, even during regular play, and a shoot-out is enough to send me outside, cowering with the smokers.

Oh well.  At least Man Utd won the Premiership.  I don’t love them, but I love them more than I love Chelsea (or Arsenal).