Autumn boots, winter coat

I bought a winter coat from Zara today.  It’s very pretty, but Zara’s website is just about the worst I’ve ever seen and in any case the coat isn’t on it and I can’t find a picture anywhere else, although googling “Zara coat” I did come across this picture of Zara Phillips, coincidentally wearing a coat which is quite similar, though also quite different.

So instead here are the boots I also bought, which are just as useful but less pretty:


Technically, I suppose, it’s only one boot.  But you can infer the other.

Dress disappointment

Well, it was a good thing really, because it saved me spending £75.  After deciding I definitely couldn’t justify the expense,  I went and had another look at the dress I fell a little bit in love with yesterday.  I tried on the size 12 and it looked like a muu-muu.  So I tried on the size 10, and that looked like a slightly less baggy muu-muu.  I think it is designed for someone taller, leggier and skinnier than me.  Either that, or it is actually a muu-muu.  If it’s still available when I’m eighty and living in Florida I’ll be first in the queue.

More Muji, and a dress I don’t need

I have discovered a problem with Muji, which is that their designs are so utilitarian that it’s madly easy to convince yourself that you really need whatever it is you’re tempted by. Although I think I might find it hard to make a case for the utility Christmas stocking, which is what I came away with today.

On a less utilitarian note, I fell a tiny bit in love with this dress, but at £75 I need a better excuse even than Christmas to justify it:


I would not wear it with those horrible unflattering beads. Nor would I allow my face to be chopped off halfway down when being photographed wearing it.


Why has nobody told me about Muji?  I went into House of Fraser at lunchtime looking for a tiny mirror to affix to my monitor at work so I can tell when somebody’s sneaking up behind me, and was directed to the Muji concession on the second floor.  I’d never been into a Muji before so was unprepared for finding myself coveting every single item in there.  It’s not that the things they sell are particularly remarkable (apart from one, which I can’t mention because I bought it for my sister and she might read this), but that all of them – cotton buds, bottle openers, oven gloves – are designed with a stunning eye for style and simplicity.   I wanted one of everything, but I restricted myself to the mirror, the present and a glass which looked nearly the same as the one I broke washing up last week.  But when I win the lottery I am going straight back to Muji and furnishing my house from it.  Or even before I win the lottery, since it’s not very expensive at all.  The mirror was £1.75.  But I am taking account of the current financial situation and forcing myself not to make unnecessary purchases.  Although I might have to go back there the next time I need a toothbrush: their toothbrushes are so beautiful they make me want to cry:

Cassette lamp

Look at this!

(Image via apartmenttherapy)

It’s a lampshade made out of old audio cassettes. I want one. At first I thought perhaps I could make my own, but to get one that looked this good you’d need to:

  1. Find lots of cassettes the same colour
  2. Soak all the labels, and any accumulated grime, off them
  3. Rewind each one to exactly the same spot

Which is probably more effort than I’m willing to make. More here.

Flowers I like v. flowers that look good

I never really loved chrysanthemums, but they were all that Sainsbury’s had left when I went in there for some flowers the other day.  So I bought a bunch of white chrysanthemums and brought them home, where they look great.  It seems that the flowers I like for themselves are not the same flowers that look good in my egg.



I have some gerberas in a vase in front of my window. I don’t ever buy gerberas, but I was buying flowers for a boy who was staying in my house and they seemed appropriately manly. And you know what? I really, really like them. I might only ever buy gerberas from now on.

Are flower names capitalised? And why do I want the plural of gerbera to be “gerbera”?