Happy birthday to meeeeee

Sixth birthday candle

Gladallover is six today! When I was six I got a new baby sister AND a realistic baby doll, and I can’t remember which I was more excited by. Whilst I don’t anticipate any arrivals of quite that import on Gladallover, you never know; I might find something new to write about. But not today! So in the meantime if you are new, or bored, or amnesiac, you can read my most popular posts of the last six years, in ascending order:

10. A poll on the best Oscar dresses from the 2012 red carpet

9. A post from last week about Beth Tweddle, Twitter and sexist idiots

8. A rant about the Olympics

7. Some musings on the love life of Andrew Lloyd Webber

6. Another rant about the Olympics

5. A link to some stuff written by more interesting people than me

4. Last month’s advent post featuring Lou Reed singing White Christmas (thank you Suzanne Vega, whose Twitter link to that post is entirely responsible for its high placement)

3. A photo of a baby baboon (if you only click on one of these links, I recommend this one)

2. A very old link to Failblog

1. A post about swimming pools. No, me neither.

Perhaps this year I will try to write about football. I mean, don’t hold your breath.

One thought on “Happy birthday to meeeeee

  1. ruth morgan

    I have loved them all (once I understood how to find them) and it’s not just blind affection. Here’s to the next 6 years – hooray!

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