The cutest animal in the world

From LiveScience, via Animal Planet and Popbitch, comes a list – two years old, but I’ve never seen it before – of the 500 cutest animals in the world. Five hundred! I am not fully on board with all of their choices (the frilled neck lizard? Really?), but I can’t find it in myself to disagree with the winner, despite having never heard of it before today. I give you the North Pacific sea otter:

sea otter

sea otter
I don’t know if they always wave. They are waving in most of the pictures on the internet.

If you’re not convinced, here’s the killer – they sleep holding hands, so they don’t float apart:

sleeping sea otters


Update: After I posted this on Facebook, my friend Rachel pointed me towards this video, which I guarantee will make you smile, even if you have seen it before, which I hadn’t:

One thought on “The cutest animal in the world

  1. ruth morgan

    beyond cute. I always thought baby seals were IT but this comes very close. Just what you need on a cold January day riddled with nasty news items. Warm soppy smile.

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