Happy songs

I listened to Sleigh Ride this morning, because even though it’s not Christmas I was cold and tired and it is a song that never doesn’t cheer me up. It is also the most crazily complicated song in the world – if you are a musician, pick up your instrument of choice and try busking along with it and you’ll see what I mean:

But Dan says it’s too early to listen to Christmas music,  so I turned it off and listened to some show tunes instead, and found myself shivering with glee at the lyrics to Thoroughly Modern Millie. I can’t decide whether my favourite is

Men say it’s criminal/What women’ll do

What they’re forgetting/Is this is nineteen twenty two!


What we think is chic, unique and quite adorable

They think is odd and Sodom and Gomorrable

Both are pretty perfect. What song lyrics make you happy?

3 thoughts on “Happy songs

  1. Hey, I was only kidding. Listen to whatever you like. And, yes, those lyrics are awesome.

    Me, I tend to like lyrics from Sheffield acts (of course). Arctic Monkeys, Human League (from whom I learned about sericulture), and who could forget Kid Acne: “I like beans / I like sauce / I love sexual intercourse”.

  2. Lucy

    All the lyrics to Generation Sex by the Divine Comedy, especially

    Lovers watch their backs as hacks in macs take snaps through telephoto lenses, chase Mercedes-Benzes through the night

    A mourning nation weeps and wails but keeps the sales of evil tabloids healthy, the poor protect the wealthy in this world…

    And all the lyrics to She’s Your Lover Now by Bob Dylan, which really only work when sung in his voice but are definitely worth listening to if you’re not already familiar with them.

  3. elsiem

    I like all of those. My actual favourite ever, only it makes me sad as well as happy so it doesn’t really go here, is “How strange the change from major to minor/Ev’ry time we say goodbye”. I just got goosebumps typing it.

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