The worm that turned

Out running this morning, I noticed a worm apparently stranded on the pavement, which was wet overnight but had dried out in the morning sun. The first time I went past him, I swerved to avoid him. The second time I thought, he’s going to dry out if he stays there – so I very gently picked him up with a twig and moved him to the grass at the side of the road.

The third time, he was determinedly making his way back to where he’d started. Here he is on my fourth pass, almost back in the middle of the pavement:

a wom

He clearly knew exactly what he was doing, and I had interrupted and made him have to start all over again. I felt a bit embarrassed.

4 thoughts on “The worm that turned

  1. I used to make houses for worms out of mud in the garden of Ladywell road, and then put the worms in them. They always left. They have plans of their own.
    p.s. you went running 4 times already today?

    1. elsiem

      I run round and round Alexandra Rec instead of along roads, because it’s prettier and I am never more than five minutes from home.

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