Social contract for product managers (WARNING: work-related)

I just came across an article by Marty Cagan (author of Inspired: How to Create Products Customers Love, which is worth reading if you make stuff for a living), about a list of promises you can make to yourself and your team that will help you to do a better job. Here they are:

  • We will not complain about the workload [I LOVE this one]
  • We will launch our product/service in the market
  • We will think with our hands through rapid prototyping
  • We will use both sides of our brains (creative and analytical)
  • We will approach every activity with an open mind and a beginner’s mind
  • We will strive to continuously improve how we create and launch products

I really like it as a set of principles, and I think it’s useful for everyone working in a technological environment, not just product managers. Read the original post here.