New new year’s resolutions

a hoover

I knew there was something wrong with my new year’s resolutions when I wrote them down, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Now I realise that they were all tasks with a fixed outcome, rather than vague promises to behave differently – a to-do list, not a set of resolutions. Which is fine, except that I’ve done them all, so now I need new ones. This time I will try to make them things I can keep up all year, rather than things I can check off and forget about.

1. I will hoover more. We have lived in this flat since June of last year, and I have hoovered twice. The beloved may have hoovered more times than that, but I suspect you could still count the total number of hooverings on one hand. We have dark carpets, but still.

2. I will blog more. It’s free and I enjoy it, and it makes me think, which I am not always inclined to do otherwise.

3. I will go to the cinema more. I had this one a couple of years ago but I didn’t really keep it up. I am thinking of buying a Cineworld membership, which gives you unlimited cinema visits for £17.99 a month. If I didn’t have to pay each time, except for popcorn and Pepsi (I am not really interested in cinema trips which don’t involve popcorn and Pepsi), I would go and see all the films I thought might be  good, rather than just the ones which feel like cast-iron certainties. I would go and see every new Woody Allen, rather than every second Woody Allen, and I’d see more animated and 3D films. And that would broaden my tastes and turn me into a more interesting person. All for £18 a month!

I think there was going to be a fourth one, but I got over-excited about the cinema one and forgot it, so three it is.

Update: Ben Barden points out on Twitter that unless I set targets for what “more” means in this context, I am doomed to fail. So I have set targets, but I’m not telling you what they are, in case they sound insane or make you think I’m a slattern.