Zooborns has an update today on Kambiri, the baby Western Lowland gorilla born at Franklin Park Zoo almost a year ago. This was Kambiri then:

Baby gorilla

And this is Kambiri now:

Year-old gorilla

She got cuter, didn’t she? But the real reason I’m posting about her is because the Western Lowland gorilla has the best Latin name of all the animals, and on a grey and grizzly Monday you deserve to know about it. Meet gorilla gorilla gorilla.

2 thoughts on “Gorilla

  1. ruth morgan

    reminds me of Boutros Boutros Ghali – except I just thought that was daft rather than wonderful. Doesn’t really compare though.

  2. LadyDangermouse

    The pics and your post is so cute! Just came across your blog accidentally via a link from a link from a twitter buddy + then I scrolled down to see what else you had written!

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