This is a blog about food, but it’s not a food blog. There are enough of those already, and I’m not a chef – although I will post recipes, because I like to cook and I like to share the results. It’s not a blog about health and nutrition, because I’m not qualified to talk about those things with any authority. And it’s definitely not a diet blog. In fact it’s the opposite of a diet blog: it’s about enjoying eating without feeling guilty about it. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? We’ll see.

A week from now I’ll post a food diary listing everything I have eaten this week. I think food diaries are mostly stupid, but I won’t be using it to learn about my “bad” habits or shock myself into eating less or differently: I’ll just be using it as a kicking-off point for a conversation about my own eating choices and what prompted me to start writing about food, in between writing about plays and writing my never-to-be-published novel and writing about my noisy neighbour and writing about furniture and going to the recordings of my never-to-be-broadcast radio play – and, sometimes, doing my actual job. And wedding planning. In between all of those things.