I‘ve got glasses. I have wanted to wear glasses since I was a teenager (I used to cheat and wear a pair with plain glass in), so I was pleased to find out a month ago that I actually needed them.

I’m only supposed to use them when I’m concentrating on a screen, so I wear them when I’m at my desk or looking at the internet at home, but not for meetings or reading. Except that I really like wearing them, and so I find myself leaving them on when I don’t need to, like when I’m on the phone, or when I’m cooking (last night, I opened the oven while I was wearing them. Don’t do this).

I can’t work out quite why I like wearing them so much. It’s not that I can see better in them – they stop me from getting headaches rather than noticeably improving my vision. It’s more like a layer of protection; something that insulates me from the real world. Putting them on is like putting on my dressing gown.

So that’s kind of weird. And I half-worry that by wearing them too much I’m letting my eyes get lazy and hastening the day when I will actually need to wear glasses in order to see things, except that now I write that down even I can tell that it sounds kind of silly. Maybe I should write down everything I worry about, so I can see how silly it is. Only then – well, we’d be here forever, and I don’t know about you but I’ve got Stuff To Do.